Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Future???

The Future of DotNet?
DotNet CPU

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Visual Studio Addin's

USysware's VS Addins to make Delphi Developers at home :)
Scott HanselMan's Ultimate list of VS Addins - a must for productivity

Monday, December 06, 2004

Dot Net [2000 - 2004]

The Dot Net Framework since its early betas in 2000 had been an object of my fascination, but working with delphi for a long time had dampened the realities of the present and the future, keeping me proud and content with the Power of Delphi - a loyal developer since the Delphi 1 days.

Not that i hadn't wet my hands in these new waters..., but in late 2000 - early 2001 period, did try developing a product with the .Net Betas, and the pathetic performance of which strengthened my views about Delphi as the best!

Since then, Dot Net for me had been a platform which hadn't reached its maturity and had to come a long way, to compete with the likes of Delphi - Power packed with punch.

Alas, Delphi, might as well be on its way to its downfall - or say, the next best step in its evolution.
(Just like the ancient greeks - with their treasure trove of knowledge, wisdom and forming the roots of the civilization - of modern day europe, and then to dimnish down to their present state!)

But then, its time to be wise and to grow and flow, as the evolution demands.
Hence this transition towards the world of Net - 'Dot Net', not any less glamorous than the bright blue Polkas.

In this log here, you'd find my entries (better late than never!!!) - from a mix of Delphi biased, Puritan prespective - with ref. to the development of yesterdays, More Critical Views on the abstract nature and the
features thrust up in the face by its makers and the impact it leaves upon the programmers.

Well, it does and will also try to capture the good things that this flashy thingy has to offer, from a very neutral viewpoint.

So folks, this log will be a mixture of technology, philosophy and thoughts from a puritan school.